Is there a way to correct the tax treament of the _DivInc Category



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    Hello @raa0428

    It is appreciated, please just let me know when the file has been submitted so I can provide it to the teams investigating this behavior.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi all. Has any progress been made on fixing this issue? I've got over 7000 transactions that are affected by this. Please let me know.

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    This would all be so much easier if Q would simply let us edit the built-in "_" categories. 
    As reported by RJS in another thread-

    "Good news! It appears that it is once again possible to edit the "_" investment categories in QWin R30.14.
    Hold down CTRL and SHIFT and right-click the category. You should see Edit in the resulting menu. Then you can go to the Tax Reporting tab of the resulting dialog and correct the tax line item."

    Side Note- I was also able to delete my orphan category by creating a new Test category and then editing the orphan to make it a sub-category of the new Test category.  Deleting the Test category also deleted the orphan. Super-validate showed no errors in the file.
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    Wow, that is great news!! Will be playing around with this after the holidays! Would be great to start out the new tax year without having to manipulate categories. Thanks for posting!
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