Why am I not receiving statements from credit card companies, that I have in the past?

I have received them in the past and current statements are available on cc website up to 2 weeks ago


  • Mark1104
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    contact your bank directly.  They have to send you a paper statement unless you opt out. 

    Why do you think this is related to Quicken.  
  • Dan Miller
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    You are correct the cc companies email me a monthly statement. However, Bill Manager says they receive the same statement and tags it to your Quicken account so you can schedule advance payments. So my question is related to Quicken
  • jrich75
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    The arrival of PDF statements from online billers in Quicken varies by biller.  Before Citi failed as a biller, it's statement could take nearly a month to arrive.  I've also had some billers skip a month or two.  I continue to download and store statements separately from Quicken because I can see them sooner and it's more reliable.  I wish I could stop Quicken from storing the PDF with the data file.

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