cleared transaction not coming into reconciliation

Q 2020 r28.28, on Windows 10

This is weird. And a big lengthy. Please bear with me.

We have 2 checking accounts with the same bank. Let's call them 'mine' and 'wifes'. In 'mine' I enter a withdrawal, categorize it to 'wifes', and set it as an online transfer. Been doing this twice a month for several years, with no issues. One-step update, it goes to the bank. A couple of days later, one-step-update shows the transaction cleared in both accounts. So far so good.

Then the bank statements come. Both accounts have the same statement dates. The matching transaction shows for both accounts - both statements. I reconcile 'mine' with no problems. Then we try to reconcile 'wifes'. The reconciliation is off by the amount of the transfer, and - more importantly - the cleared transfer transaction is not even listed in the reconciliation. We double, triple, quadruple checked the date of the transaction in Q. vs the bank statement. All match.

Finally out of desperation I deleted the transaction from 'mine', which of course also deleted it from 'wifes'. Then I re-entered the transaction in 'mine' which of course also entered in 'wifes', since it was catagorized as a xfer. Since the xfer had, in reality, already been made at the bank, I did not set it as 'olxfr', and since it had already reconciled in 'mine', I marked it as 'reconciled' on the 'mine' side. On the 'wifes' side, we did NOT mark it as cleared.

Next we reconciled 'wifes' again. This time the transactin came up on the list as uncleared. Once we marked it in the reconciliation list, the reconciliation was in balance.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why the transaction was not in the reconciliation list until we deleted and re-created it?


  • splasher
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    Was the transaction in the wife's account already Reconciled (R)?
    Is it being created already with a R status?

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