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How old could be the transactions that could be viewed in any account?

Salvador Member ✭✭
It looks like could be up to 40 months old; am I right?

However, is there a way to change that?



  • studpup
    studpup Windows Beta Beta
    Once the transactions are downloaded into Quicken, you can view them forever. I have 25+ years of transactions, and often go back years for warranty info, etc. You want to change it to view less data? You could start a new file every year. 
    I'm not a quicken employee, just trying to be a helpful pup!
  • Salvador
    Salvador Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your quick answer Studpup

    I do have a history in Quicken since mid-´97

    My question is related to th Mobile app (in iPhone or iPad)

    Thanks again
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    The sync to mobile doesn't upload your whole history.  When they first started out they uploaded 1 year's worth.  Later then increased that, but I don't know exactly how far back they go these days.

    I tried a test in a small data file where I put in a transaction with a date of 1990 and it synced it.  So it doesn't seem like they are going by date any more.  It might be limited by the number of transactions or something like that.

    There isn't any way to change what is synced other than choosing which accounts will be synced.
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  • Salvador
    Salvador Member ✭✭
    Thanks Chris_QPW for your answer and time devoted to the test

    The oldest transaction seen in my iPhone is dated May 1st, 2017; that is the reference for the 40 months old in my original post

    Total # of transactions are close to 100,000 in Quicken app in my laptop; # transactions synced in my iPhone are around 11,000

    You are right, there is no way to choose time period to sync

    The oldest synced date in my iPhone is May 1st 2017 with 19 transactions; none was missed from Quicken larger file in that particular date; being in this situation, I have thought there is an internal fixed parameter within Quicken Mobile to sync transactions

    Thanks again
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