Membership Expired & Max created datasets

Anyone else annoyed and frustrated abut the Membership Expired popup?


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    When you do HELP, About Quicken ... what is shown as your "Valid Thru" date?
    Also, what's your current BUILD of Q ... it's also at About Quicken.
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    I have contacted Quicken asking them for a way to eliminate the popup and they basically said in a nice way "to bad", there is no way to stop it. I first started using Quicken in 2013 and had I known they intentionally incorporated this "membership Expired" popup I would not have upgraded to 2018.
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    This is the popup
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    Hi @CHess1201 ,

    Do you have access to Quicken 2016 or Quicken 2017 program?

    Quicken 2016 and Quicken 2017 for Windows can read and write to the Quicken Data Files created by Quicken Subscription Program.

    [removed - inaccurate]

    You can always uninstall Quicken Subscription Program and reinstall Quicken 2016 or Quicken 2017 to eliminate the popups.

    See this procedure to remove Quicken Subscription Program:
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    Just to be clear - there are TWO issues as per your screen shots -
    #1 - Membership expired - June 2020
    #2 - Max number of datasets created - Popup -
    (different problem, probably not related to expired membership)

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

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