Reset password doesn't work

I just purchase quicken subscription

After I click reset password, choose text me by email. Quicken send activation code and I do reset password. There are reply mail said my password was success change.

However when I login, I can't never pass login page, it still said password wrong. What should I do or contact person?

I try to create another account, but itsn't success. I put my mobilephone which is reside in thailand 668 but it said itsn't valid mobile phone , what should I do?



  • Sherlock
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    If there are too many failed attempts, you will be temporarily locked out from logging in. Please wait a few minutes and try again later.

    If the issue persist, I suggest you contact Quicken Support:
  • Frankx
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    Hi @Ban

    You should review this information:    

    And be sure to use you email address to receive the code (that is - I suggest that you do not use your cell phone number) ,

    Good luck!


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  • ban
    ban Member
    The status is
    I can reset password thru email notify. However after complete reset password and there are an email notify password change. I still can't login to my account.

    Its said "Invalid Quicken ID or password.
    Do you need help signing in?"

    I reset password for 30 times today, nothing work. I change the computer, hotspot location both home & office. Nothing work. Even , I test by create new account, it still doesn't work. I think I can't use quicken and need to refund it even I like it so much.

    my case is Ticket T1-N-7973550 , please help
  • ban
    ban Member
    Ok the problem solved. I can't use quicken.

    Agent said quicken serve only use in US territory, computer outside USA can't login or register with new create account.

    Agent refund money to me. I am so upset because I use quicken since ver 2.0 for Dos. However, I 've to find another program to use instead.
  • ban
    ban Member
    Today I login again, yes it work properly. Quicken system can send email text for verify , then after i reset password. It work properly.
    I am sure its come from Quicken system, their login server should have something wrong because previously it can neither login nor create new login at all.
    I will renewal my subscription and use quicken again.
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