re sales tax confusion

I have added sales tax on an invoice. The "AMOUNT DUE" does not reflect the tax added. I do not understand how to handle the payment received by the customer when the payment received in greater than the invoice AMOUNT DUE


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    To learn more about charging Sales Tax to Customers in Quicken,
    • Quicken uses a (by default hidden) account named "*Sales Tax*" to track tax on taxable invoice line items you sell.
    • For more details about setting this up and how to charge a customer for Sales tax access Quicken Help (simply press the F1 key from anywhere in Quicken) and do a Contents search for keyword "sales tax".
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    Thanks to you for sending me your answer. I am sending you three screen captures of which I hope will help you answer my question re the sales tax.
    C-1 The invoice showing base price and the tax added, with the TOTAL due.

    The thing is, I assumed when the first payment is made, short of the tax, there would have been a balance due showing on the invoice / customer payments, which is shown on...C-4

    NOTE: I tried to send you two more captures, but I could not figure out how to attach them! The C-1 image capture was almost automatic.
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    This example shows how to mark an invoice line item as taxable:
    either by putting a "T" in the "T"(Taxable) column or by editing the Item definition and marking it as "Taxable".
    Make sure the *Sales Tax* account is selected and you have entered the proper tax percentage.
    After you have created the invoice, you receive payment in the total amount due, including tax.
    Is that how you've done it?
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    I appreciate your help, but if you will notice the capture I sent, (image.png) shown below, I had the "*Sales Tax*" showing in that box, but since that wasn't working, I thought that was because I had not placed the customer name in there.
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    My tax calculation works as @UKR shows.  However, I am able to reproduce what you have shown in your last posted image (missing tax in the balance due line) only if I already have a customer payment for the amount of tax in my business account.  Image 1 and 2.   This payment was directly entered through into the register w/o using the Quicken forms. 

    When I remove this payment from the register, the calculation in the create invoice dialog appears as expected, image 3.

    By any chance do you have a (an extra) $3.15 payment in your business account register that might cause what appears to be a bug in your create invoice dialog?  

    Image 1 - Shows what appears to be an error calculating tax in the balance due line

    Image 2 - Shows a register PMT from the customer of the same amount as expected tax line and directly entered into the register.

    Image 3 - Removing the PMT from business register and correctly tagging the line item as "T" taxable, returns a correct balance due in the create invoice dialog.

    I noted too,
    that even though the Balance Due line shown in image 1 was not as expected, the tax due showed correctly in my *Sales Tax* register.

    Unfortunately, I can't immediately explain this behavior with the create invoice dialog...
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