Quicken for Mac: Stock Split doesn't work for recent AAPL stock split

When I manually add a stock split transaction in the register for the recent AAPL stock split, there is no effect. The number of shares of AAPL remains the same days before and days after the manually added transaction. Its hard for me to believe that such a trivial piece of code does not work, but nevertheless there it is. Furthermore, it seems near impossible to make a mistake in the data entry of the manual stock split. The only data entered is the date, the ratio of the split (4:1), and the ticker symbol. How is it possible for this code fragment to be non-functional?


  • jacobs
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    The Apple stock split worked correctly for me, and for many other users, as it was widely discussed on this site at the time it happened. So the question to dig into is why it's not working for you.

    The first thing I'd look for is whether you have a placeholder transaction in the account where you hold your Apple shares. With a placeholder, Quicken will keep adjusting the number of shares to what it thinks is the balance, no matter how many share you add or subtract via other transactions. Scroll to the earliest date in your account and look for a gray transaction. You can read more about placeholders in this FAQ.
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