I want to send a check payment ... not intuative

Trying to get into Quickens Bill Manager. Some items seem to be working but only time will tell as payments are required.

Often I receive an invoice in the mail or online. I want to make a registry entry or what ever i need to do to process that payment through the "Quicken" process and have a check mailed out on a certain date. I enter it in the Register then look for a "sent payment" in the check number column and only "Pay or Check Pay" appears ... this is ok ... but entering this transaction results in a bounce indicating no payee information such as address or account number as used to pop up in QBP. then It indicates I cannot do it there... delete and go to QMB. Seems I have done this before but i cannot locate where the entry point is for the account and addr, etc. is.
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    oK finally found it and figured it out.. :(
    Quicken user since DOS 1.1 (1983)


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