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When I go to the next month calendar it shows as an example my truck payment is shown multiple times indicating for the month a total of $33,000 dollars. (See attached)

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    His @Ed Patterson

    WOW!  That is one expensive truck!!!

    Sorry for that levity.  Obviously, there are significant problems with what you are seeing.  How long has this been happening? 

    I noticed that there are multiple entries for a number of your other payees - like "American Family Insurance", "Faszold Heating" Mario Awaad, and perhaps more. Is this the first month that you've seen this?  Did you just recently start entering these as new payees, or has Quicken been working properly for these payees in the past?

    What versions of Quicken and Windows are you on?  Are you seeing any other strange performance with respect to your Quicken file?  Also, when did you make your most recent backup of your Quicken datafile?

    Let me know and we'll go from there.


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  • LOL
    A file backup was done on the 27th I'm using Windows 10 Ver 10.0.18363 Build 18363. Quicken Ver R29.12 Build

    I noticed this before now just never decided to report it prior to today.

    Thanks, Ed
  • Deleting the reminders worked thanks for the tip.

    Certainly not something I'd enjoy doing on a regular basis.
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