Investing manual updating

Another minor but very nice Windows feature....
Go to Investing tab, click on Quote/Price, type latest, hit return and repeat.

Click Window (top bar) click securities [or shift CMD R if you can remember]
Double click security, click price history, click box, type, click done.
select next security...... URGHHHH

AND, Quicken is the only software or app i use that is not able to use the same data file between operating systems..... Oh my.....

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  • Shaun World
    Shaun World Member ✭✭
    Thank you Jacobs. I've clicked the upvote on Snoopy FC's original, its reached the heady heights of 36 now.... Quicken for Mac has some lovely features, and then it kicks me straight back in to touch ....
  • jacobs
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    @Shaun World Actually, the idea has "95 legacy votes" in the title, which refers to votes cast on the platform Quicken used for this forum before the current one; they were unable to otherwise transfer the past votes. So the vote total is actually a heady 131 now… which is not shabby for such things on this forum.

    We've been told there is not a specific vote threshold required for the moderators to refer idea to the developers, but being over 100 seems to have a greater chance of success. unfortunately, once passed to the developers, there's no way to predict the next step. Some ideas tend to "planned" within months, while others are listed as "under consideration" for well over a year with no action by the developers. On the flip side, sometimes the developers actually release a completed feature that is still marked as "under consideration" on this site without ever having told the site moderators to update the status to "planned." Such is the imperfect process Quicken uses to gather and manage feature requests from users. Sigh.
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