After changing my password and email address, I no longer can open Quicken app

When I launch Quicken, the "Quicken ID password" popup shows my old email address and prompts for a password.

When I enter my new password, it of course fails, cuz that new password is associated with my new email address.

When I enter my old password, it too fails and displays "This Quicken ID does not exist." error msg.

How can I open my Quicken app so I can work with my current data?


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  • Jerry Pope
    Jerry Pope Member ✭✭
    Thanks for replying!

    The problem is that I cannot login to my Quicken file. Without being able to login (even though the Quicken file is displayed beneath the login popup), I obviously cannot get to the menu to carry out the steps you list!

    As I indicated, when I launch Quicken, my "old" email address displays and cannot be changed in the login popup. The only field I can provide a value is the password. I've tried both the old and the new password to no avail.

    At the moment, I'm locked out of my Quicken file ... even though it's displayed beneath the login popup.


  • Jerry Pope
    Jerry Pope Member ✭✭
    Sherlock, the Creator
    After launch, my login screen doesn't show the "sign in with different ID" option. However, by multiple, rapid clicks to kill the login window, I eventually was able to access my file after closing two other popups.

    I then went to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts. Got the same old prompt to enter my Quicken ID password. Killed that popup too. Got another message popup saying "Could not retrieve your Quicken Profile info." However, in that popup, I was presented with a chance to login using a different Quicken ID.

    So, in the Confirm prompt, I entered Yes, which signed me out from my OLD Quicken ID. I finally got the "Welcome" screen and was able to sign in using my NEW Quicken ID.

    All is now well. Problem solved. Thank you both for your hints.

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