How do I set up a rental property mortgage to sync with my bank's online account?

I recently tried to set up my rental property loan in quicken to auto sync with the online bank. I was able to do so and pull in the corresponding checking account and loan. However, it seems that the loan isn't being recognized as a mortgage meaning I am not getting the mortgage screen dashboard that allows me to click on tabs such as "Equity", "Loan Details", "Payment Details", etc. In the account details tab I am not able to select the loan type.

Do I need to set up the asset property account first and then linked to the bank instead?


  • Chris_QPW
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    When you decide to setup a loan for downloading you are very restricted in what you can do.  The system is setup for "the financial institution knows best so get the information only from them".

    As such you can't decide what kind of loan it will be setup as, your don't get any kind of register to make changes in, and on and on.
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