An Action "quickfill" has gone missing

Quicken 2015 win. I'm manually entering investment transactions, and have 27 years of data. I know there are 3 ways to fill the "Action" field: By editing the entire transaction by double-clicking; Using the drop-down arrow in the field to choose among the commoner actions; Or starting to type the desired action. Until yesterday, if I started to type "mi" it would complete as "Miscellaneous Expense"; now it doesn't complete. If I use the drop-down arrow, "Miscellaneous Expense" is missing. But it's still present by using the other technique and editing the entire transaction. Any idea where it went, or how I can get it back? (It's just a little faster than using the transaction edit approach. I don't find this discussed anywhere.) Thanks.

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  • Rich_M
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    I never heard of this either and don't know whether its related to your data file or your installation.

    I would first try creating a new data file to see if it has the same symptom, if so I would suspect something is wrong with your installation and suggest reinstalling Quicken.

    If the new data file works as expected I would next try validating your file to see if that resolves the problem.
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  • handvprice
    Thank you all. After testing a new file per your recommendations, it appears my premise was wrong: It's not that "Miscellaneous Expense" disappeared from the Action dropdown, but that I moved to an IRA account, from which it isn't offered. As noted, it is still offered through the Edit Transaction approach, so it's okay, just a little clumsy.

    But because it will continue to be clumsy, now my question will be if I can change my file type from IRA to brokerage, but I'll ask that as a separate question. Thanks.