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I have Amazon set up as an annual scheduled transaction in Bills & Income for Amazon Prime. I do not have any QuickFill rules set up for Amazon (see first attachment).

When I create a new Amazon transaction, I type "am" and the default in the dropdown list comes up for the scheduled transaction (see second attachment). If I tab through without thinking, then the category and memo are added to the transaction. In order for this to not happen, I have to remember to arrow up and chose the match above.

I tested this for other scheduled transactions that do not have a QuickFill rule and found that this same behavior holds for all of them. It seems to me that when I type in a memorized payee that does not have a QuickFill rule, but happens to have a scheduled transaction, it should not default to the scheduled transaction. I think that it should just default to the memorized payee without any category or memo.

Am I misunderstanding how QuickFill works or should Quicken work differently?

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  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello @John_M
    Thank you for posting about your concern. From what you have described, it seems as though reviewing/resetting the auto-complete would be of benefit to you. It seems like you should be able to adjust a little bit to get to your desired outcome.
  • John_M
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    As they say on the Guinness commercials – Brilliant!
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