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Re-Categorize Transfers Easily!

Hey all,

I'd really appreciate your feedback on this one as it's driving me crazy and being a real pain in the butt. I'm guessing I just don't know how to do it properly.

Often when a download a transaction that is a transfer to another account Quicken will auto categorize it for me but it will categorize it as a transfer into the wrong account. The transfer category will automatically trigger a matching transaction into the other account. When I change the category to be a transfer into the correct account it will create another matching transaction in the CORRECT account as well. That's all well and good but the thing that's frustrating is it doesn't seem to delete the matching transaction from the original WRONG account. It just turns that one to be "unmatched". When I try and delete that one though then it get's rid of ALL the Transfer transactions in all the accounts and i'm left with having to put it in manually which is incredibly frustrating.

Anyone have a workflow that will make my life a little easier in these cases?


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  • chris.olson
    chris.olson Member ✭✭
    Thanks @Chris_QPW !

    I will definitely check out those settings. I agree, the automatic transfer detection may not be worth the trouble. It works great at times but in others it's a huge headache!

    Just today it took me like 5 minutes to categorize the one transfer because after I changed accounts and deleted the one transaction, it deleted them all! I then couldn't remember the amount so I had to look it up on my credit card account...what a hassle!

    Thanks again,

    Chris Olson