Can't set up AT&T online account in Bill Manager

I have tried numerous times to set up my AT&T cell phone account as an online account in Bills & Income, with no success. It finds my account, but eventually states that the account cannot be set up before the process is complete. I'm pretty sure I know what the issue is. Some time ago someone tried to take over my AT&T account, so I set up an additional security passcode with AT&T. When normally signing on to my AT&T account via my browser, after entering my ID and password, the site asks for my additional security passcode and won't let me access my account without this additional information. So, I'm assuming that the sign up process is not set up to handle the additional security passcode. Any suggests on how to get the account set up, without turning off the additional security? Is there a way to get Quicken to research the problem? I did report the problem in Quicken, but they state that they will not respond to me directly and the information I provided is only used for statistical and investigative purposes.


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