I need a payee report for income only without having to check all my income categories.

I talked with online support twice trying to get a report to do this without success. The closest we got was a payee summary which also includes expenses. We are a nonprofit and I need this info for year end tax receipts. Also, when I export the Summary, it automatically includes all the details for some reason. Seems I shouldn't have to go through and delete all the info I don't need.


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    Thank you for posting in the Community though I am sorry that you are experiencing this issue creating a report that you need.

    A payee summery report can be found by following this pathway: REPORTS/ OTHER REPORTS / PAYEE SUMMERY.

    For this report to show your income payees, you would need to filter the categories. Do this by clicking on CUSTOMIZE/ CATEGORIES then selecting the income categories that align with your income payees.

    On the right side of the report there is a drop-down menu “update to show me:” In this menu choose the option “a summery of all payees”. This action will subtotal the transactions, creating one line for each payee.

    Please let us know if this report provided the information you need.

    Thank you

    Quicken Diana

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    I'll respectfully disagree with @Quicken Diana. The reports in the "Other Reports" section of the Quicken Mac reports menu are old reports from the predecessor sQuicken Essentials software, which the product manager has said will be phased out of the program. (This is why they're now tucked away under "Other" and have plain gray icons.) Importantly, some of those reports are known to have bugs which cause data to be omitted from the reports.

    Instead, it's better to use any of the other reports, which utilize the new reports engine and interface built over the past few years. So for a summary Payee report, click on Quicken Reports > Summary and select Payee Summary by Year. Click on Customize to set the date range to last year, and you'll have a clean report of all your Payees for that time priod. If you export it, you will get the same summary data, no detailed transactions.

    Now, this report does contain both revenues and expenses, so you have a few choices. You could export the report to a .csv file and open it in Excel or Numbers, and then sort the data by the amount column to separate the positive (revenue) and negative (expense) values; then you could delete the expense rows and re-sort the revenues alphabetically if you wish.

    Alternatively, you could customize the report in Quicken to include only your income categories. I know you said you didn't want to to do this, but it may be necessary to get your desired result. There unfortunately isn't any way to select "all income" or "all expense" categories; I wish there were a way to do that! Most people have many more expense categories than revenue categories, so if that's the case for you, click Customize, click the Categories tab, click the radio button for selected categories, then click Clear All, and then scroll through and check your revenue categories. It takes a little time to set-up, but you can save this report so you'll only have to do it this one time. 
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