Reconciliation Discrepancy

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  • ronaldllenz
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    I am posting information on an old topic (but one that is very frustrating). All recent discussions on this topic are closed. The issue is related to Reconciliation where Quicken flat out gets the math wrong on the reconcile page. Specifically (in my case) the total of the records listed under "Payments and Checks" does not match the total shown at bottom of the dialog box. Hoping my information here might help someone else. My problem was rooted in performing a transaction Copy/Paste for a reminder transaction. When completing the copy /paste Quicken is smart enough to ask "Is this the same transaction as xxxx..." and it appropriately advances the due date for the reminder transaction to the next month. My reconcile 'error' amount matched the amount of the reminder transaction. To fix this condition I deleted (3) recent transactions for this payee/amount ( yes, even reconciled ones) and reset the reminder transaction to the date of the earliest deleted transaction. Then I entered the 3 reminder transaction that were now 'due'. In effect I deleted and added (3) transactions which had no effect on my running balance. But when I went to reconcile (I am using paper statements) the reconcile dialog box math was now correct: problem gone.

    For the curious mind (before the problem was solved): The starting and ending balances for the non reconciled transactions (and the running balances) matched my printed account statement perfectly, so this is not a fundamental transaction issue. The issue is related to copy/paste of a reminder transaction - and how it messes with the reconcile dialog box.

    So my comment to the quicken folks is that the info above is a smoking gun to lead you to the root cause.

    Would appreciate any comments if this helps anyone else.
  • Diver42420
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    I'm having this problem as well. Why hasn't it been fixed yet? I've been pulling my hair out on this for months, re-doing my reconcile per the bank statement over and over again, carefully matching things. But Quicken still can't do the math correctly.

    I'm being forced to enter ugly placeholder transactions in order to reconcile, and now not sure if I can even trust my balance.

    I'll try removing the transactions per this advice, but the bug should be fixed!
  • NewMexican
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    I have had this problem for years and always gave up and put an "unlocated difference" to make Quicken match the bank. I finally figured out the fix (I hope it works again):
    1) Sorted the CLR column so it's ordered "R", then "c", then unreconciled (blank).
    2) Verified the balance at the top of the "c" transactions matched my beginning balance
    3) Scrolled down until I reached the end of the current monthly transactions and verified the balance matched my ending statement balance
    4) Manually changed "c" to "R" for the transactions that were on the bank statement.
    5) Went into Reconcile again, with the beginning and ending balance both set to equal the ending balance on my bank statement (because I've already "reconciled" all of the transactions).
    Viola - the difference is magically gone!
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