How to sync only 1 account in Quicken for Mac

Trying to sync in order to use quicken on the web but when ever I sync the balance in my checking account goes berserk. Could it be that all of my accounts are being sync even though only have my main transaction account selected to sync. I only want to sync the main transaction account. (checking account)

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  • Quicken_Julio
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    Hi @bkaiser,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    To sync only your main Checking account, in Quicken go up to Quicken > Preferences > Mobile, Web & Alerts > Accounts

    Here you would be able to select the accounts you want to be synced with the Quicken Cloud.

    You can also visit this FAQ on How to Set Up and Sync Accounts with Mobile/Web for future reference.

    Feel free to respond to this thread with additional Questions or concerns.
  • bkaiser
    bkaiser Member
    I've been through the "how to set up and sync accounts..." But the option to select accounts is not available until after the sync option is turned on. Once the sync option is turned on the system immediately begins the sync process. I can't get into the account tab to deselect the accounts I do not want to sync fast enough.
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