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After I imported transactions from my banks to Quicken, sometimes I need to adjust dates, for example, a donation check was written last year but it was cashed this year. If I change the date to last year, the year end balance would not match my bank’s year end balance. Is there a way I can have another date which is by default the same date as the transaction date but can be altered to another date if needed and use that date for reporting? If yes, I would be able to easily match my bank account balance on any date but still be able to have my reports done for the year/month as needed. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!


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    Transactions have 3 dates:
    1. Date:  an entry date as displayed in the Date column
    2. Downloaded Posting Date: an imported date as displayed in the Posting Date column
    3. Posting Date: a reconciliation date as displayed by pressing Ctrl while selecting Edit > Transaction > Copy transaction(s)
    You may learn more the Posting Date in:

    If you want to coerce Quicken into reporting a transaction on a different date, I suggest you consider using a Cash holding account created for the purpose.  Generally, deposit or transfer funds into the holding account on one date and withdraw or transfer funds from the holding account on another date.

    In your specific example, I suggest you enter the transaction in 2019 even though the check wasn't cashed until 2020.  Last year's reconciled year end balance should not include the check but the reports should.  If the donation was sent to an appropriate charity in 2019, it qualifies in 2019 even though the check didn't clear until 2020.
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