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In old Quicken 2007 (Mac) there way an option in Transactions to essentially "IGNORE" a transaction which put the transaction in a limbo state. It did not erase the transaction just ignored it and left it in place and did not change or affect the balance.

Did I miss something?

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  • John_in_NC
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    I don't remember any "Ignore" function in any of the old Quicken for Mac versions. But, I suspect you might be thinking about "VOID." It keeps the transaction and zeros it out with VOID being added to the Payee.

    The new versions does not have this.
  • scwerden
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    You are correct "VOID" was the option - need this back, hopefully soon!
  • jacobs
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    @scwerden  All the Void command in Quicken 2007 did was (1) set the transaction  amount to zero and (2) added VOID in front of the Payee name. So in current Quicken Mac, you can do the same thing without a special command if you wish -- change the amount to zero and edit the Payee name.

    Now, I suggest doing it a little differently: (1) Use the Memo field to enter "VOID" and the original dollar amount (plus, optionally, a reason). (2) Then change the dollar amount to zero. I would not change the Payee name, because if you search for this Payee in the future, you want to find this voided transaction.
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  • scwerden
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    Thanks - Yes, the memo field will do the trick, but changing the name as you say is no good, I would still prefer "VOID" preceding the name.
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