UPDATE: Fidelity Capital Gains Distribution Miscategorized as Dividend Transaction

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Just an update to this thread where I reported that Fidelity was downloading LTCG distribution transactions as dividends..     https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7804668/fidelity-capital-gains-distribution-miscategorized-as-dividend-transaction

This appears to be fixed now with LTCG distribution transactions no longer being reported as DIV.  

I validated this last month when Fidelity reached out for some testing help.    Over the last 24 months of downloaded transactions,  LTCG distributions appeared to be correctly marked as LTCG in Quicken.   All was working as expected in testing and the fix was seen in all "account types".

This week, I saw "live" the correct "action" downloaded from Fidelity.  Before:  DIV,  Now: LTCG. 

For those using Fidelity and have had this issue, have you noticed this change?    I guess the real test might be at EoY for all those mutual funds throwing off LTCG distributions....


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    I'll be on the lookout for this ... as Fido is my investment company also.

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