How to convert an old brokerage account to a new one — can't find the deactivation option.

A brokerage account was purchased by Company A from Company B, keeping the same account number. I am trying to change the financial institution name to Company A by first deactivating online services Company B.

I have have selected the Company B Account, clicked on Edit, Account Details, Online Services, but there is no "Deactivate" option to click on. All that shows is "Online set up"; the name of the account, and below a gray line, "Financial Institution," with the name of Company B, and below that "Connection Method: Web Connect." The only options available below that are "Delete Account," "Tax Schedule," "Fees," and "Reconcile using online balance." There is no deactivation option. How should I proceed from here? Thanks.


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    Hello @Temp2131

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. That is an odd issue. Even though you do have it on web connect you generally will still have a disconnect button. I'll leave a photo down below. I'm wondering what exactly is causing this. 

    If you wouldn't mind could you take a screenshot as well so we're able to see. Once we're able to see we'll see what exactly we can do. I'll also leave a screenshot article down below as well.


    Quicken Francisco

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    I created the print screen image, and was going to post it here, but the only item on the toolbar that shows is the :-) choices. I've tried this both in Firefox and chrome, using Windows 7.
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    That FAQ about inserting images is lacking some information. New users do not see the full menu of posting options. The only way a new user can add an image is to drag the image from their desktop and drop it into the text area of their post (the same area where you type your responses).

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