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NFCU accounts are now showing "Account Type Not Recognized" (edited)



  • mike008
    mike008 Member ✭✭
    Still not working for me either. I just had a very frustrating exchange with support. I am giving up for now. Months of waiting, hours on the phone and troubleshooting. Multiple tickets opened and closed without resolution. And nothing posted as far as an alert so that we can monitor status. Very frustrating.
  • movingelys
    movingelys Member ✭✭
    I did create a new quicken file with no accounts. I added Navy Federal accounts and the Credit card account was added just fine. Wonderful. Now how do I move all the other accounts and transactions to the new file? I did try and add the CC to the old quicken file again and it still doesn't work. No idea!!!
  • movingelys
    movingelys Member ✭✭
    FIXED!! My fix had no apparent relation to NFCU or the credit card account.
    I noticed during One Step Update that one of the other financial institutions, USAA had the letters zzz- in front of the name but that account was working normally. I went to edit account details and I wasn't able to change the financial institution name there (remove the zzz-) so I deactivated online access to the USAA account and created a new one and downloaded transactions. Then I moved all the old transactions from the old account to the new one and deleted the old account.

    Just for grins I went to the NFCU credit card account and attempted to set up online access and it now correctly, identified the account as a credit card and I could add it and link it. Wonderful.

    Then I noticed some of the balances on several accounts were way off and it turns out that the categories on some of the NFCU CC transactions/transfers were deleted or changed and also some of the renaming rules were reversed on some recent transactions.

    I have done every suggestion in this discussion to no avail. My file copied just fine, validated and super validated repeatedly just fine. I even tried an old file that the NFCU CC worked on before and it no longer worked.

    I guess my file had some major problems that just didn't show up in copy and validate. I think the actual problem was fixed when others said they were working but my additional issues kept me from seeing it. After all the transactions I had to fix, I find it amazing that nothing was found in the validate and super validate.

    I really like Quicken but it just seems like when these kind of thing happen you are basically on your own. Cheers
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