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NFCU accounts are now showing "Account Type Not Recognized" (edited)



  • Why is it that only credit cards with NFCU won't update? I've done all the deactivate and even deleted files, but when trying to load them again, Quicken says Unknown Type and won't do anything. Quicken claims it is NFCU's problem, and NFCU says it is a Quicken problem.

    If I've been using Quicken since 1990 with the same bank, I have the belief that it is a Quicken problem, and may be time to stop my subscription with them. Oh by the way, I am using version R 29.22.
  • I just discovered something that actually may make this a Quicken problem and not a corrupted file problem. I deleted all of my QDF files from my computer. I deleted Quicken and reloaded it.

    When you first start you are given two options. Most people like myself select the first option because I assume that is the better way to go to keep track of your finances. You have a second option that tells you after the download you won't be able to able to update anything.

    I tried both ways. The first my credit cards from NFCU always came up "unknown type" and don't add to Quicken. However when I tried the second way (I didn't select the password file), all of my files, including credit cards came up.

    Sound suspicious? It does to me. Can someone else that has a problem with NFCU Credit Cards double check my work? If I am right, Quicken has some work to do.
  • I'm new to the community but am having the same issues with NFCU's credit cards showing unknown type. I too get double 2FA when trying to reset or deactivate / activate the credit card accounts. I'm doing this in the Windows version. I also use the Mac version (long story, don't ask) but the Mac version has not had this problem and can update the NFCU credit cards just fine. Weird.
  • movingelysmovingelys Member ✭✭
    I get the impression that it is Navy Federal that is messing up. I used an old file that worked and my NFCU CC no longer works but when I disable and try to set up the online access for my credit card, it says Unknown Type but I also noticed that the name it is downloading is using my wife's card, not mine which is the one linked to my login credentials. Never seen that before and Quicken wouldn't know that information
  • stappmeyer01stappmeyer01 Member ✭✭
    In my opinion it is either Quicken or NFCU that is at the root of this issue. It is highly unlikely that all our data files went south at the same time. The only credibility to that is if a recent application update makes a change to the data file and corrupts it. If that is the case; it is still the responsibility of Quicken. (Just my opinion.)
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    edited November 2020
  • jordanaljordanal Member
    Full diagnostic support request regarding this issue has been sent to Quicken this date.

    After all, Wednesday is Veteran's Day and NFCU is a Veteran's banking institution!

    Quicken developers need to touch-base with NFCU and get 'er done!
  • mike008mike008 Member ✭✭
    I received an email this morning stating the escalated issue has been resolved but it does not seem to be working for me. Maybe it is working for one of you? I tried to reach out to support but they basically want me to start over with troubleshooting. So frustrating.
  • mike008mike008 Member ✭✭
    edited November 2020
    removed duplicate post - page glitched when I submitted
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    edited November 2020
    Mine is still not working as of this morning. [Removed-Sarcastic/Unhelpful]
  • Same issues here. It has been a month since I talked to quicken support and they told me that my file was corrupted and I needed to create a new file. Restorations from back up did not correct the problem either.

    I just attempted to re-establish my one step update for my Visa card with NFCU and again received the unknown type message.

    Very frustrating.
  • I haven't received any updates from Quicken, so I am assuming that nothing has been done. Updating the issue doesn't seem to be working. I'm still wondering why on the same program, it will work with only a direct download from the bank, but not the automatic download through Quicken.
  • I don't know know who changed the title of this section, but they forgot to say NFCU Credit Card Accounts are now showing "Account Type Not Recognized"
  • I am having this same issue. Quicken Support opened a ticket but it has gone into a black hole and nothing new. I did notice something weird and was wondering if others had the same situation. I have a card attached to my wife's account. Her account is the one coming back with Unknown Type. What I noticed is that the account number on the credit card using her log in has the last 4 digits of my card. Like the system is getting them confused. Since it is her card, my account doesnt have full access to see everything. It is like Quicken is getting info from my account instead of hers even though we are using her log in credentials.
  • CenteredCentered Member
    I have the exact same issue starting last month after updating Quicken. I thought it was just me. Spent hour on phone validating files. Unloading, reloading, trying backups. Nothing will get credit cards to work. Kind of glad to see its not just me.

    Quicken and NavyFCU not working together nicely. DOnt seem to have the same problem on the MAC version of the software. But that has its own inherent shortcomings.

    We need this worked on!
  • Bob2204Bob2204 Member
    Me too. My 1 checking, 2 savings, and 2 credit card accounts have worked for years with Quicken, but several weeks ago both credit card accounts stopped working. Trying to reconnect them I now get "Unknown Type" for both these credit card accounts. (Other accounts still working fine). I concur with comment from jraymer917 - My two credit cards with "unknown Type" now show up with my wife's account number on the Quicken "Activate One Step Update" page. Odd it's not showing MY account numbers with the same cards we share. I have R30.9 build on Windows 10.
  • jordanaljordanal Member
    As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I was having this 'VISA' account problem with NFCU since mid-October, as well. UNTIL YESTERDAY...

    I FINALLY got the account type to show up as 'Credit Card' instead of Unknown type yesterday after performing the following. I have no idea if Quicken or NFCU fixed something or doing a 'File Validation' did the trick. YMMV...

    I opened quicken and preformed an Express Web Connect (EWC) sync with all my accounts in Quicken - making sure I had no new downloaded transactions anywhere.

    I then edited the details of ALL MY NFCU accounts (even older hidden NFCU accounts); on the 'Online Services' tab > Deactivate. Then, 'General' tab > remove the Account Number, Routing Number, and Customer ID if still present. Then 'OK' button (bottom). Then repeat for each/all remaining NFCU accounts.

    I then closed Quicken and rebooted my PC

    Maybe this helped, maybe it didn't - I never tried this step before when attempting to fix this problem. I opened Quicken and from the menu File > File Operations > Validate and Repair. I checked all the options including "repair" under the Price History option and Reset Printer Settings at the bottom. I let the process complete normally. My final Repair log report did not have any significant changes because I had run this process in the past - my current QDF file is almost 23 years old.

    At this point, I chose my main NFCU checking account and edit the details and attempted to active EWC. I got the typical Two Factor Authentication (TFA) twice as expected. Ha! low and behold, among all my other NFCU accounts, there was my VISA account (with my wife's CC #) listed as "Credit Card" and not the stupid 'Unknown Type'. I linked all the NFCU accounts to my existing Quicken accounts and performed an initial EWC sync - finally, my NFCU VISA account was syncing again.

    This was my personal experience yesterday - I truly hope it helps someone else in my NFCU (veteran) family.
  • jordanaljordanal Member
    I should probably add - I performed the above steps immediately after updating Quicken to the latest version R30.10, which showed up as a new download yesterday.

    Good luck...
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    I just tried everything Jordanal outlined above and Quicken still sees all of my accounts except for my NFCU Visa - unknown type. So frustrating!!!!
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    **UPDATE** - This morning after trying a direct download, my NFCU Visa didn't show up as a possible account to link the QFX file to, so I tried to Activate the Express Web Connect and it worked! It still showed "Unkown Type" but it was a selectable dropdown that had Checking and Savings as options. I chose the blank option since Credit Card wasn't an option. After Quicken finished churning, it still wasn't quite right. I tried to reset the account and my Visa didn't show up as one of the possible accounts to connect to. I canceled out of that and performed a web download again from the NFCU website and it looks like the Visa is now connected via Express Web Connect. Fingers are crossed!
  • stappmeyer01stappmeyer01 Member ✭✭
    I tried the process provided above by @jordanal without success.

    ***failed attempt***
    1-Synced all accounts
    2-Deactivated all NFCU accounts (removed acct numbers, routing, Cust ID and etc)
    3-Closed and rebooted.
    4-Validated and repaired file (I also have been using Quicken for many years and have 25 accounts open and another 25 accounts closed in the file.)
    5- Attempted to reconnect Visa card. Failed

    The only thing that worked was starting a brand new file. In this case I did NOT attempt top connect a file, but created the account with an initial connection to NFCU. Note: Based on this success I tried to add a new account to the existing file, but that showed the un-selectable "Unknown Type" as well.

    ...so the hits of 2020 continue.
  • KaiemiKaiemi Member
    FYI, I just spent over 1hr w/Quicken chat trying to fix NFCU Visa connect/data download issue with no success in connecting current account and updating.

    Chat had me make new test file and pull all my NFCU acc's and that worked. Chat then had me deactivate all NFCU online connections and then strip Institution name and acc nmbs for each NFCU acc in my actual file. Then I "validated" file and then went to "Add Account" and when dialog box popped I was supposed to link each listed account. But, guess what, NFCU CC account was listed as "Account type unknown"!

    Chat then had me "supervalidate" my Quicken file and run add account again and try to link (vice add) each NFCU acc. And....same o same o....NFCU CC "account type unknown".

    At this point I quit chat and in doing so pointed out that this problem is systemic, citing this discussion. Chat countered with the finding that since new account file got NFCU cc data, something must be wrong with my file. Chat also suggested reinstalling backup file from before mid-Oct problem start, but I do not have backup files that old. Sidebar- Chat recommended keep 3 months of backup data.

    Long morning of trying fix this issue but "No joy in mudville"
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    Another Update - I thought I had successfully reconnected my NFCU Visa to Quicken last week but it wasn't downloading any transactions to the register, even though it said x number of transactions updated in the One Step Update summary. Interestingly, the NFCU Visa had my member number for the username instead of the normal username that NFCU requires me to log in with. After several unsuccessful attempts at resetting the account on the Online Services tab, I deactivated it and am back to square one. "Unknown Type" when I try to reconnect.

    I tried all of the standard Quicken troubleshooting methods of deactivating all of my NFCU accounts, including my mortgage, and stripping all of the info from the financial institution name and account numbers, then doing another file validation. After attempting another reconnect, all accounts except for my NFCU Visa show up and are able to be linked. The dreaded "Unknown Type" is once again there for the NFCU Visa.

    Come on Quicken! Figure out a fix for this!!!
  • Greg BrownGreg Brown Member ✭✭✭✭
    I tried resetting the account and disconnected from Express Web Connect, but now when I try to reconnect, I get two rounds of two factor authentication and then a screen that says Quicken cannot find the account, and that it is an Unknown account.
    Seems like one problem after another with using Quicken and NFCU credit card accounts updated online. Considering just going with another financial institution's credit card.
    I am having the exact same issue.
  • movingelysmovingelys Member ✭✭
    > @sheilaluth said:
    > I don't know know who changed the title of this section, but they forgot to say NFCU Credit Card Accounts are now showing "Account Type Not Recognized"

    You are correct. Brainiac should change it back so it is actually accurate, unless they fix it and then it doesn't matter. I am still having this problem 2 months later. None of these troubleshooting steps has any effect.
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    ***UPDATE*** - about a week ago, I did an end of year copy and truncated all of last year's transactions from my new file. I then deactivated all of my NFCU accounts and then Activated them again and there was the NFCU Visa recognized as a credit card!!! It's been working for about a week now and downloading transactions normally. Hope it works for you guys too!
  • jraymer917jraymer917 Member
    Anybody still following this thread, I believe they updated something to make it work. This morning when I started the OTU, it said it was updating the Cloud Sync and then I was able to add the NFCU account and everything updated correctly.
  • shornsacshornsac Member ✭✭
    Mine is still updating after getting it to work about a week ago. Fingers are crossed that Quicken found a fix and put it in the last update.
  • stappmeyer01stappmeyer01 Member ✭✭
    I agree that something was fixed. I have downloads again.
  • movingelysmovingelys Member ✭✭
    All I can say is you are all luckier than I am. No matter what I try my NFCU credit card shows account type unknown and lists the wrong card# (my wife's) so I can't add it to One Step Update despite the other NFCU accounts adding just fine.
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