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I notice that with the latest release of Quicken for Mac OS 10.15.7, Version 5.18.2 (Build 518.35919.100, when I have a report up and I edit a transaction in any of the account registers (example: I change a transaction from Category A to Category B in my checking account), the report no longer updates in real time. To see the effect of a transaction edit, I have to close the report, save it, and reopen the report.

Quicken used to always update the report in real time and I could edit transactions as much as I wanted with no problems. Anyone else notice this? Is there any way that Quicken can correct this issue? It sucks.

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  • manwich74
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    I made a new Category Report. What I liked about the "old" Category Summary report format was that it would group first by category, and then sub-group them by Tag. The sub-grouped tags would be sub-totaled too.

    Are there any new Category Reports that do this like the old Category Summary report? If not, it's a real loss. The old format was better.
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    There is currently no way to specify multiple levels of sub-totalling on different fields in the new reports. Perhaps that's a reason they've still kept the old reports around, for people who need that feature.

    If you only need summary information, then you can do a columnar report with the categories as rows and tags as columns. Select Reports > Create New Report > Summary > Row=Category and Column=Tag. Customize the date range you want and you'll have a Category Summary report subtotaled by Tags in each column. 

    If you need the format of the old report, then you can still use it, but it won't refresh until you re-open it. There's very little chance they're going to enhance the old reports; your best hope is to push for more control and levels of subtotals on new reports. (You can create a new Idea post for this in the "Product Enhancements (Mac)" section of this site.)
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