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Have they upgraded the "ease of use" for Reports since QW 2017??

I've been using quicken for 20?? years and the one portion that annoys me is the ease of use in reports section. Yes, you can generate some reports quite easily, but then changing them and saving/deleting them is such a confusing mess. My latest gripe is that I can open a saved report, tweak it, save it with a new name as I iterate closer to what I want. Now I have 5 versions saved. It would be GREAT if you could just right-click on the report in the saved list and delete it. As it is (in 2017 R20.5, at least), I have to open the report and then click the trash can to "delete" it. The report closes and it automatically shows me the next report in some unknown queue of reports. However, the report does NOT actually delete. It is still in the list. I close and re-open quicken and its still there. So now I have 5 or so similar reports, similarly named, only 1 of which I want to keep. UGH! Anyway, the real question is "Have they improved (significantly) the report management section of quicken in the latest "subscription" version? If so, it might prompt me to "upgrade" again.
Thanks in advance.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    We do not need to open a saved report to delete it.  Saved reports may be deleted from the Manage Saved Reports window: select Reports > Reports & Graph Center and Manage Saved Reports
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