Schedule a bill with a variable value (Q Mac)

I have recently upgraded from Quicken 2007 to Quicken Deluxe 2020 (Version 5.18.2).

Almost all of the functions I used in 2007 are present in 2020, I really do like the interface and usability.

I cannot find how to achieve one feature of 2007, "amount for this transaction varies". I have various bills & income that have a variable monthly amount (ie telephone bill). I want to enter an approximate amount so the projected balances accounts for something. I have "mark as paid" set to "I'll do it myself". When I click "mark as paid" I would have hoped it would ask for the value of just that instance of the bill. Unfortunately I cannot find how to do this.

The bill details windows states "Enter an estimate; you can always edit the amount at a later time". I don't understand what that means and how to enter an estimate. The best I have found is either "edit all instances" and change the value so the one I'm posting is correct or enter the instance with the recorded value, then amend the value in the register. Neither is ideal.

Does anyone have any suggestions???

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  • jacobs
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    "You can always edit the amount at a later time" means just that -- you can edit it. But it doesn't know it's an estimated amount, so it doesn't prompt you to do so.

    You can edit the amount after you mark it paid, as you've seen. You can also edit the amount of the next payment -- without affecting the amount of future transactions in the schedule -- by double-clicking on the gray scheduled transaction in your register. 
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  • That is interesting, thank you.

    I have my accounts setting set to hide all occurrences of schedule transactions as that is what I am used to seeing in 2007.

    It gives me a range of ways of achieving a variable value scheduled transaction. I just don't think it is as flexible as 2007.

    Thank you for your suggestion.
  • Yes, I took a look at the next 7 days. I think I may change my main accounts to use this as it's the easiest way to achieve what I need.

    Thank you for your guidance.
  • esilky
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    I agree it isn't as nice in my opinion.
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