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Hello, The problem: I was about to make a full payment (lets say $200.00) I just receive for an invoice, but when I was about to apply the payment it showed a small amount ($40.00) in the "Balance Due" catagory as though a partial payment was made. I checked all my other invoices and the "difference" ($160.00, between the amount of the invoice and the Balance Due) is nowhere! I have not made a payment to this invoice. The only place this appears is in the payment window that shows the invoice is only the $40.00. When I display the Customer Invoice list, it shows the invoice PAID! How do I correct this?

Also, it's been sometime, however, I used to be able to track what payment is made to which invoice. I can't seem to do that anymore. I have a customer that I invoice the same amount several times a month. When I take a payment I have to be very careful which invoice I apply it to to keep track of which ones were paid. Did this ability just go away or is it done a way I am not aware of? Thank you!

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  • Sue
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    Thank you for your time, I did a process of elimination and with a unpaid invoice report compared to a find report and pulling up the payments, I finally found what I was looking for. I appreciate your guidance and did you find out if I click onto an invoice whether there is a link back to t he payment?
  • Sue
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    Quicken Francisco, Thank you! Sorry reread your comment and found the Payment History on the invoice! YAY!! Thank you!! That helps greatly!!
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    Glad to here that you were able to get it all sorted out! If you do run into any other questions please let us know!

    Quicken Francisco

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