How do people handle bill reminders for "every 30 days"?

The monthly "each month on XX day" doesn't work because with "every 30 days" the day of the month crawls backwards, moving the due day up each month, and some of my providers use this billing method. Does anyone have a work around for this? Or am I missing something?

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  • GeoffG
    GeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I just reviewed and you are correct, there is no 30 day option. I may have adjusted an occasional reminder, but never came across a 30 day repeat. So I have to ask, why do you need 30 days that 4 weeks or monthly won't accomplish?
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  • Tom Pottenger
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    Geoff, I already answered your question in my original posting.
  • Tom Pottenger
    Tom Pottenger Member ✭✭
    Thanks everyone! Now I know I'm not missing anything. I'll simply go with every 4 weeks, then adjust the next date by 2 extra days after paying the bill... if I remember. Darn those little ifs....
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