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I am running Quicken for Windows version R29.22.
I have two recurring Paycheck Income Reminders in the Bills, Income & Transfers section.
Each of those Paycheck entries contains two Deposit Accounts, which matches my actual direct deposits from the respective employers.
When viewed in Quicken, the first Deposit Account listed is shown with a memo of "Primary Account" and contains the "remaining" amount that is paid on my check. For example, $468.35 might be that amount.
That "remaining" amount is the excess after a fixed amount deposit is made to the other account, which lacks a label in the configuration window, but we'll use $1000.00 as an example figure.

The issue is that, when viewing these accounts in the Projected Balances section, the accounts labeled as "Primary" which contain the variable/"remaining" amount (e.g. $468.35, as above) show these entries in the project; however, the accounts for the fixed deposit amounts do not.

I'm fairly certain this was not always the case, but I couldn't tell you when it changed. Likely sometime in 2020 here. I setup these Income Reminders years ago, and have needed to adjust the values from time to time, as deductions changed, etc. I'm just noticing the issue now and it is present on both Paycheck entries.


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     Quicken has had a long standing issue projecting bill and income reminders with transfers.  Generally, bill and income reminders are associated with one account.  When the reminder includes one or more transfers, Quicken gets confused when it attempts to project the impact of the reminder.  

    If you would like an easy work around while waiting for Quicken to correct their issue someday, I suggest you create a dummy reminder to coincide with the paycheck but that you will never actually enter.

    Note: You may see similar issues in the Cash Flow views and when allowing Quicken to show reminders in the registers and budgets.
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    this happens to me almost everytime I open Quicken. I find that if I make one change to my paycheck reminder, like add a period to the end of the memo, then it fixes the issue for that session. You have to "edit this instance and all future instances" to make it work. It is frustrating that it needs to be done every time and I have to edit both paycheck reminders.
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    So what I did to work around this was edit the amounts to flip them around. The account with the variable remaining amount is now pre-set and the fixed amount has become the Primary. I need to adjust the entries whenever that variable amount changes, but it works for my balance projections on the account I'm concerned with.

    Again, not a genuine fix, as the other account still doesn't reflect those expected future deposits. But since it does work for the one listed as "Primary", this is good enough for my current needs.

    Thanks for the replies.
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