Removing Repeating payments pending notice

Until its demise I used QBillPay. In the wake of its ending, I set up Bill Manager, and at one time or another set up some repeating payments, apparently. I do not use Bill Manager because I found it not up the task. My payment account is not now enabled for Bill Manager.

I use my banks bill pay service, not connected to Q.

Now, when I close Q, I get a msg that I have online and repeating payments to send, do I want to send them before exiting. I see no such payments in my payment account, in Bills and Payments, or the online center.

I believe this is left over from QBillPay, even though it is now defunct.

This is only an irritant at the moment but, given the enigma that Q has become, I would like to get it resolved before it becomes more than that.

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