Can't login to password vault

I am unable to login to the password vault and I am 100% sure I am using the correct password. I did a super validate and I have a bunch of "Damaged data record." and "Damaged data block." entries. Is there anything I can do to repair this and is this related to the password vault issue?

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    The link below shows you how to change your password vault password.

    Scroll down to 

    Using the Password Vault

    Then select "To change your password vault password"
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    @schinks - I suspect that you will not be able to change your PW Vault PW since you are not able to login to PW Vault to begin with.  Of bigger concern, however, is that you have "a bunch of 'Damaged data record' and 'Damaged data block'" and that can be much more difficult to resolve.
    If changing your PW Vault PW does not work, my first suggestion is to try restoring a recent backup file from before this PW Vault PW and potential data corruption issue.  This might be the easiest and least problematic path to take.
    If you don't have a recent backup file, then you will likely need to delete/reset your PW Vault after which you can rebuild it ( and then hope that the data corruption was related only to your previous PW Vault.
    Let us know if any of these suggestions helped you.

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