Quicken Bill Manager Not Downloading Online Bills

There are a few bills that I pay each month, and none of them are currently working with Quicken Bill Manager. Some of them used to work, but don't any more (they stopped working in late august or early sept). I need help understanding what to do. I suspect that there are different issues, but I'll list what is not working:

1) Comcast / Xfinity. This used to work beautifully, even making the bill available as a PDF. Now I cannot verify the account. I know I have the user & password correct because I'm asked to enter a PIN that is texted to me. I can also log on perfectly to the web site.

2) Green Mountain Power. I have two different bills, and they used to show up in QBM and I could pay them online. I deleted them as a payee and then added them back, but I get a message that the bill isn't ready. I think it's a sync issue because it doesn't have any account info, and it did not create two billers on my list.

3) Capital One Credit Card. Never worked, but I get a message that the bill just isn't ready (similar to the green mountain power bill).

4) I have other local billers that are not in the list when I click the plus sign to add an online bill. How do companies get added to this list?

Because none of these are working, I reach my maximum check limit every month. Does anyone have any suggestions? Quicken, are you here listening or do I need to call? Anyone, please help! Thanks!

BTW, I'm running newest version of Quicken for Windows and Windows 10.


  • ww.finance
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    The mystery deepens...
    On my Bills & Income screen, if I look at the bottom of the Payment Accounts window, I'm told that I used 6 check pay and 1 quick pay this month.
    Bill History shows 5 "check pay" and 0 "quick pay" transactions.
    It's as if I'm not really getting the 6 check pays and 12 quick pays... one of each is missing.
    What's going on?
    I called Quicken Support and right after I explained my problem they hung up. Not sure if it was a mistake or if they didn't want to help me! I really want to get this working properly.
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    Hello @ww.finance

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response. 

    Comcast/Xfinity and Capital One are both experiencing known issues and are currently unavailable at this time.

    There is no ETA on either of these however, you may visit the alerts below to bookmark the post by clicking the gold start to be notified of any changes or updates.



    I have taken the liberty of reviewing Green Mountain Power and the message being returned is that the bill is Pending.

    Companies must reach out to Quicken directly to request that they be added as a supported biller.

    If you have not done so already, I would take a moment to review the information available here and consider bank bill pay. This will be a similar experience to the prior Quicken Bill pay and may better fit your needs.

    -Quicken Tyka
  • ww.finance
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    Tyka, Thank you for the comments! Perhaps Bank Bill Pay is the answer... although my preferred bank doesn't support Direct Connect, which introduces another obstacle. I have paid some bills through the "Online Center" found on the Tools menu... what are the pros & cons of that approach? Again, I think it requires Direct Connect.
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Hello @ww.finance

    Great question and thank you for taking the time to share it with the community.

    Using the Online Center to pay bills does use the Direct Connect connection method. 

    You previously could create a payment in the Online Center using the Quicken Bill Pay service, but unfortunately, when Quicken Bill Pay was discontinued, it also removed the ability to create payments in the Online Center through any method other than Direct Connect, I apologize.

    Beyond requiring a Direct Connect connection, there aren't necessarily any pros or cons to using the Online Center vs other views; it really comes down to personal preference and what view you prefer.

    Some Users prefer to create and enter payments directly in their account register, others prefer the Bills & Income tab, but the functionality is the same, regardless of the view used.

    I hope this helps, but please let us know if there are any further questions/concerns that the community may assist with.


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