can a Quicken file saved using Quicken Premier be opened directly and used with Quicken Starter?

I used to maintain a Quicken file for my daughter using my desktop PC Quicken Premier program. Now I bought the desktop PC Quicken Starter for her so she can take over to maintain her financial records with her own desktop program, the starter version. Can she open the file directly without export/import or some type of file conversion?


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    Yes, but only the Starter features will be available.  Accounts that Premier supports like investments and loans (maybe more) will be read only in Starter.
    Starter supports cash, checking, saving and credit cards only.
    I would really suggest that you get her Deluxe (Starter goes read only if the subscription expires).
    If you don't use QMobile/Q-Web, she is household family, she could use your subscription.
    But if you do get her, her own copy, shop around, buying from is not the cheapest place to get it.

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    Thank you! for a thorough and thoughtful answer. You helped me a lot!
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