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Printing using Quicken Home & Business 2016

Doug Olson
Doug Olson Member
edited October 2020 in Reports (Windows)
Good morning,

I use Quicken Home & Business 2016. I want to print the data from the Planning (tab), Budgets, Details (window). (The window I want to print shows PERSONAL INCOME and PERSONAL EXPENSES.) There are three (3) columns which show Budget, Actual & Balance for each month of the year. Quicken Customer Service told me to print CURRENT BUDGET for this report. When I print this report the categories in the report do not use the same subcategories as I set up in my Budget. (Ex: Livestock - Bees. Quicken displays and prints Livestock - Other Livestock-Various kinds & types of livestock.) I want my report to simply print Livestock - Bees, Livestock - Cattle, etc. NOT Livestock - Other Livestock-Various kinds & types of livestock. If Quicken Current Budgets cannot make this change then I am done with Quicken!! Thank you.

Yours truly,

Doug Olson
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  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    To print the Budget view, press Ctrl + P.

    You should be able to view the same categories you set up in the budget in the Current Budget report, open the report, press Alt + C, select the Advanced tab, and select Budgeted only in the Categories: pull-down menu and OK.  

    Quicken has had issues handling subcategory names that are not unique.  In addition, Other is a built-in special subcategory name normally followed by the parent category's name.

    You used dashes in your description of the issue but I suspect you may have meant the category Livestock has the subcategory Bees, Cattle, etc.. This would imply Other Livestock should be the built-in Other subcategory of Livestock.  Is there an Other Livestock-Various kinds & types of livestock which may be confusing Quicken?

    If you do not want Other Livestock in the budget, select Manage Budget Categories and uncheck Other within Livestock.
  • Good afternoon, Sherlock:

    Please forgive me for not replying to your Thursday, October 29th @ 12:41 p.m. e-mail sooner. I have still been "struggling" with 2016 Quicken Home & Business and did not want to impose on you! First, thank you, very much, for replying to my question. I have another question to ask but first the "background."

    When I first began using 2016 Quicken Home & Business I set up categories, sub-categories under the categories and sub-sub categories under the sub-categories in my checking account. I post my expenses in this account in the appropriate category, sub-category or sub-sub category. When I "open up" my current budget the sub-categories and sub-sub categories are not displayed as I set them up in the software. Example:


    In my current budget Quicken displays the following:

    Livestock-Various & types of livestock
    Other Livestock-Various kinds & types of li...

    In my current budget (where I 'plug in' the $$) under Agriculture I have the following sub-category and sub-sub categories

    Goats, Meat
    Spraying & dusting

    Can I make Quicken Home & Business, 2016 display these categories, sub-categories and sub-sub categories that I have budgeted for these expenses and the amounts spent for these categories, sub-categories and sub-sub categories?? Also, if 2016 Quicken Home & Business cannot display these categories, sub-categories and sub-sub categories as I wish do you know if there is a more recent version of Quicken that can do this??

    Thank you, again, for helping me with my first question on October 29th. If you do not wish to "tackle" the questions I am asking today, November 18th, then perhaps 'somebody' in the Quicken community or the company, itself, may have an answer?? Hope you're staying well??

    Yours truly,

    Doug Olson
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