Windows to Mac File Conversion Works Very Poorly

Changed from Quicken Home and Business for Windows to Quicken Deluxe for Mac. Did a File Validate and Repair before creating a new account converting and uploading the file into Deluxe. Many, many, many errors:
*Checking account balance was off by over $1,000,000! Looks like my many scheduled deposits over the years were not added. Did a manual account balance to correct.
*Many categories were changed from what I previously had to match the default categories in Deluxe. Had to change them back in order to run accurate reports.
*Updates from Vanguard (2 accounts) were wrong. Had to delete the current accounts and reload them.
*Several bank and credit card accounts would not download. I canceled the online updates and tried to set them up again. In some cases (my local bank), I could not see all of my accounts to link them.

I've spent 5-6 hours working to correct errors caused by the conversion process. Don't need any further help with it at this time, but posting as a warning to others to expect to spend a lot of time cleaning up Quicken after a conversion like this.


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    Well I think the crux of the problem is that Quicken Mac has no support for business.  I know that there are also a few problems with investment conversions because Quicken Mac doesn't have a few of the "actions" that Quicken Windows has or some account types.

    When you are converting between two things that aren't equalvant there are always going to be "compromises/guesses".

    At best Quicken Mac is at about the Quicken Windows Deluxe level.

    BTW if you think going from Windows to Mac is bad, going from Mac to Windows much worse.  The Quicken Windows QXF import doesn't support investment transactions/accounts.
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