Trouble moving from automatic to manual reconciliation

I have been using the automatic reconciliation but I do not like it and prefer to return to the manual reconciliation. I believe I have unchecked any box that would allow me to download any information from the bank. I have many cleared checks marked with a "c" but I am unable to reconcile the account because it keeps saying that there are no uncleared items to reconcile. I cannot get back to the page where I enter the current amount from my statement and then proceed to make sure everything that has cleared is checked off. How do I go back to manual reconciliation?


  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello @KarenWeinberg
    Thank you for posting about your concern. Please see this article about reconciling your accounts.
  • I thank you for your very quick reply. I had seen the article you sent previously but thought perhaps I hadn't read it carefully enough. I followed what it said about removing automatic reconciliation. I went to the Action Gear and chose Reconciliation as directed but couldn't proceed further because I didn't receive the box it said I should see in which I should check always use Online Balance and make sure the Auto Reconcile is unchecked. When I chose Reconciliation under the Action Gear, it went immediately to Automatic Reconciliation. Is there somewhere else I can find the box that would allow me to uncheck auto reconciliation?
  • Chris_QPW
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    There is a missing step in that procedure from what I can see.
    If one has turned on One Step Update, then then most likely also selected not to be prompted for every reconcile.  And as such can't get back to the intermediate prompting about if you want to reconcile to paper or online.

    The way to do that is:
    Right click on the account in the account bar and select Edit/Delete account -> Online Services tab

    At the bottom of that dialog deselect "Reconcile using online balance"  (the text is misleading, this is "auto reconcile" to online balance).  And then select OK.  Now when you do Ctrl+R (reconcile) you will get the dialog that asks you which you want to reconcile to.
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