IRA account showing realized gains/losses in transaction report

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I'm not understanding why a traditional IRA account is showing realized gains and losses in the transaction report. These are not taxable events. Only withdrawals are taxable and those withdrawals are only ordinary income. Is Quicken working on this?

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  • Much of what Quicken does in terms of tax deferred accounts is puzzling to me.
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    > @jacobs said:
    > If you are truly looking at a Transaction Report, then it properly should be showing all transactions that take place in the account. If you are looking at the Tax Schedule Report, that's a different matter.

    Thanks for the reply. I was looking at the transaction report. I checked the tax report and RGL is excluded.
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    Still wondering why there is a realized for IRA accounts. It shows up in the "Category Summary Year to Date" report. There are no gains/losses in an IRA account.
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    realized = realized gain/loss (spell checker!)
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    Well, it is a realized gain. It's just not taxable. So it shows up in a category report, but not in a tax report.
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