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What is the correct way to account for the LVGO-TDOC merger?

Hi, I imported update from Vanguard for the Livongo-Teladoc merger, but the import did not remove my Livongo shares or add the Teladoc shares. Any idea how to get this done? It does not include cost basis for TDOC shares.

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  • I found the answer to my question.
  • im13
    im13 Member
    @cander2776 What is the answer that you found? I have the same question, not sure how to enter the merger properly.
  • I used Add Shares. So, I added the number of Teladoc shares I received and then got my cost basis from my Vanguard account. (I clicked on Account View and then clicked the account where my Livongo shares are held. There's a cost basis hyperlink toward the top of the screen.) Mine was $97.542121. I'm not certain whether it's the same for everyone. There's a weird glitch when I import from Vanguard, in which Quicken automatically generates a transaction and wants me to add the cost to it. I always have to delete that before it recognizes the transaction I entered. The Vanguard import removed the LVGO shares by paying me $4.24 a share, giving me a cash payment/deposit of 31.14 and paying me a dividend of $7.09 a share. I hope this helps you. I'm no Quicken expert.
  • Tom Young
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    I have provided information about the income tax requirements for reporting the purchase of Livongo by Teladoc, (sale of Livongo shares by Livongo shareholders), as well as guidance to the correct Quicken accounting here:

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