Showing both Category and Sub-category in Category Column

Hopefully this is an easy one I'm just missing in the menus, using Quicken for Mac Version 5.18.2.

How can I show both the category and the sub-category in the "category" register column? Right now it only seems to show the sub-category. I used to be able to see both in the "Category:Subcategory" format, but now I'm just seeing unhelpful things like "Health" or "Utilities." If I edit the transaction, it properly shows both, such as "Utilities:Gas & Electric," but then when I save it goes right back to just showing the sub-category. I have years of data, and it feels unreliable with all the different categories added automatically in Quicken for Mac, and I need it to be consistent and verify the categories. Any way to show both in the Category:Sub-Category format as before?

Thanks! -kp

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  • kwp_chi
    kwp_chi Member ✭✭
    Man, it was right there. I kept looking through the main menu options and didn't even think to go to the preferences. I wish I had asked sooner. THANK YOU.
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