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Is there a way to create a year to date report across multiple years. This report exists to compare the previous year but if I run a report like this across multiple years, it includes the entire year for the previous years [thorough Dec 31]. For example, if I am running the report to November 7th, I want previous years to only run data to that date.

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  • jacobs
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    Yes, you can do this. It used to be more obvious, but with all the default/stock reports they've added to the Reports screen, it's a little obscure. The key is selecting "Create New Report" on the Reports screen and then clicking on Comparison as the type of report -- or selecting "Create Comparison Report" on the Reports menu. 

    Select Row=Category, and then click the blue Continue to Customize. Now you'll see you have two date range periods you can set however you like. In fact, the default is to do exactly what you want: year-to-date for this year, and the matching dates for last year.

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  • lhossus
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    @jacobs that solution appears to be the same as the stock report Category Comparison by Year

    What is really needed is a Year to Date report that displays multiple past years in adjacent columns, e. g. 2015, 2016, ..., 2020. I think that is what the OP is asking for.

    I am wondering if either Quicken for Mac 2007 or Quicken for Windows offers such a report.
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  • Greydog9928
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    The report that @jacobs is referring to is only to compare to the previous year. The report I would like is what @lhossus is suggesting... compare to multiple past years in adjacent columns with Year to Date. The current multiple column report [at least that I can figure out] always calculates full year for the previous years.
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