How to control the sort order in the register

I would like the register to be exactly the same as the bank statement, so it is easy to compare when things don't match.

There are two problems when I try to compare Bank/CC to register:
1. The Quicken Date is often not the same date as in the Credit Card statement.
2. When I have multiple transactions on the same day it is hard to compare as the order of transaction is not the same. Sometime it will show Debit before credit causing negative balance.


  • splasher
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    You can't.  I looked at several of my credit card statements and they all separate credits from debits.  Quicken is not setup to have the two types of transactions separated for their own subtotals.
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  • Rich_M
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    I would suggest you use the Print Register report, Ctrl+P, so that you can work from a hardcopy and check off all your matching transactions, this should make it easier for you to find discrepancies.
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