Limits on bill pay

I am told that bill paying is free for Premier members, but then I see it's free for 12 online payment and 3 checks per month.

That's not suitable to me. I prefer not do some of what I have to pay in Quicken, and some of it in some other fashion.

Is it possible to pay for unlimited (though I wouldn't pay much, considering my bank includes bill paying for no charge?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Personally I would drop the idea of using Quicken Bill Pay and go with one of the following:

    1. Setup bills for automatic payments so that the biller just withdraws the payment from a credit card or your checking account.  In fact Quicken Bill Pay is doing this, but "trying" to automate it by going to each biller's website.  From what I have seen posted on here it is nothing but problems.
    2. Find a financial institution that allows paying bills through Direct Connect to their bill system, like Chase.
    3. Use your financial institution's website bill pay system.
    At present I don't think that unlimited payments for Quicken Bill Manager is an option.  I see in the Windows release notes that they are starting to roll out paying for extra payments, at a "small fee".

    "Added option to Activate Automatic Add-On Payments for Quicken Bill Manager. You can now automatically add additional bill payments if you exceed your monthly allotment of payments, for a small fee. An email will be sent to you every time Quicken automatically adds more payments."

    I assume this will be rolled out to Mac in future release.
    This is my website:
  • SpdEad0104
    I am a long time (1980s) Quicken user and current Premier member. The marketing clearly stated no charge for ebills and paying with echeck online through the system. Now the policy has changed.

    I agree with recommendation to use your bill pay through your bank. I use U.S.Bank (which will not link to Quicken for quick pay to its accounts). No charge, unlimited, same day pay. All you need to do is update Quicken with Synch once a week or so to stay current.
  • Greydog9928
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    The problem paying through your bank's website I have found is that when checks get mailed by the bank, the downloaded transaction through quicken only lists Check #XXXXX with the date and amount. I then have to manually enter the payee into quicken, essentially creating double entry. If it is an EFT/ACH transaction then some payee info gets downloaded. That was why I used quicken bill pay to avoid the duplicate entry work. Now I am limited to only 6 check pays which is way too limiting.
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