Monthly cash flow report with CC payments but not CC charges

How do I create a monthly cash flow report that includes payments on a credit card (one of my accounts) but not the actual credit card charges. A CC charge is not an expense or outflow, as no cash leaves our accounts at the time of the charge. Payment on the card is an expense or outflow, as cash does move at the time of payment.


  • Jim_Harman
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    Click on the gear at the top right to customize the report.
    On the Accounts tab, un-check the credit card account.
    On the Advanced tab next to Transfers, select Exclude internal.

    The transfer to pay the credit card bill will appear as one line item in the report.

    I will not weigh in on whether this is the correct way to account for credit card charges. If you write a check to someone, do you not want the payment to show in the report until the check is cashed?

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