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    I did not know that we can access our bank's bill-pay service through Quicken. I have been trying to use Quicken's new "Online Bills" service, and i find it can link to only a few of my my utility, credit card, and insurance bills. I have therefore been migrating to use the TD Bank website, which can easily link to all of my utility, credit card, and insurance bills. However, if I could give instructions to TD Bank's bill-pay service through the Quicken software, I would prefer to do that. How can I set up to use the Quicken desktop software to pay bills through the TD Bank bill-pay service?
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    The name of the financial institution you need to use for online bill pay is: TD Bank Online Banking - New

    To coerce Quicken into setting the Direct Connect connection method, I suggest you select Advanced Options on the Add Account window before you authenticate and choose Direct Connect.

    After the account is appropriately bound, open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E, select the Online Services tab and Check for Bank Bill Pay.
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