Windows to macOS Migration - What Are Reasonable Expectations?

Dave Ings
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Today I tried a trial migration from Windows Quicken to macOS Quicken V6, on Big Sur, Canadian versions. I have about 20 years worth of data, in two currencies. It sort of worked, but with some caveats:

1) budgets were not migrated
2) reports were not migrated
3) edited category list was not migrated (instead they were added to the default macOS list)
4) my $US to $CAD account transfers were not migrated.

(4) was expected, since multiple currencies are not supported in macOS Quicken, but 1-3 were surprises. Is this the current state of the art with Quicken migration?

(It would be nice if there was a support article about this - but there isn't as far as I can see - the current support articles are generic and don't discuss details like the above.)

Thanks for any insights. I'm just trying to understand what the current migration expectation is, and what I need to be prepared to do manually.

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  • Dave Ings
    Dave Ings Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Good to have it confirmed budgets and reports don't migrate. I don't have a great number of these, so manually recreating them is within reason. Also I agree that deleting unwanted categories is straightforward.

    The biggest hangup (for me, and I understand other customers) is macOS Quicken not supporting multiple currencies (except in the most basic way). I'll have to think about whether the benefits of switching are worth giving that up.
  • jacobs
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    @Dave Ings  The good news -- for the future -- is that the Mac development team has indicated that full multi-currency support is now officially planned. We don't know when this will be done, but it's somewhere in the future pipeline.
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