How many investment portfolios can Quicken track ?

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How many investment portfolios can Quicken track ?


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    What do you mean by "investment portfolios?" 
    As an accounting program Quicken collects your investments into Accounts that reflect how the securities are held in the "real world."  So you can have various brokerage Accounts, various IRA Accounts, various 401(k) Accounts, etc., and I'm not aware of some sort of limit on how many Investment Accounts you can have, though as a "retail" accounting program there has to be some limit.
    For reporting purposes you can combine all these Accounts (each one of which is a "portfolio" in some sense) or some of these Accounts in any manner you please.
    In my personal file I have 16 active Investment Accounts and probably at least that many more inactive Accounts, and things work fine.
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    deon said:
    How many "investment portfolios" can Quicken track ?
    what do you mean by those words...
    As mentioned by @Tom Young  - Quicken is just a powerful ledger of transactions with each brokerage setup as an account, and each equity holding setup as a security.  Once you have downloaded, or entered transactions, you can then report on those transactions in a complex and variety of ways...
    I currently track my....
    Chase, & PNC banking - and Schwab, Fidelity, TRowe & Vanguard investments.

    BTW - the Starter version of Quicken does not support Investment accounts.
    Also - there are design differences between the Windows version and the Mac version, with the Windows version having more features....

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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