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I have a large investment account with lots of transactions. When I update my dividends and other activities, it takes a long time to process, usually with a message that Quicken is not responding (it does). What can I do?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Please go to Tools > Account list, and if the Number of Transactions column is not displayed, click on Options at the bottom  and check Show number of Transactions. How many transactions are in the problem account?

    How long does it take to process a single dividend transaction - Div or Reinvest?

    If you go to Windows Settings > System > About, how much Installed RAM does your computer have?

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    Archiving transactions as recommended by @Rocket J Squirrel may help your situation. Be sure to back up your data file before attempting this, in case the result is not what you expected.

    It would be interesting to know your before and after transaction count and speed improvement (if any).
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  • cptdiver
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    The number of Transactions is not shown, nor is there an Options button.
    27 seconds for DIV
    8 gb

    I'll need to check how to archive transactions. I have some that go back 15+ years.

    Grateful for any assistance you can provide me

  • cptdiver
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    Did the archive. Timing is now 14 sec for the same div transaction. Much better. Thanks
  • cptdiver
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    If I attempt to do the archive process again, it says there are no securities with a zero balance, but if I look at the Security list there are a significant number of securities that have zero amounts, shares and balance. I'll go back to hiding these securities.